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Big Foot Cannabis Oil

Buy Big Foot Cannabis Oil  61.85% THC and 1.95% CBD Big Foot Cannabis Oil is our house blend of several

Bubba Kush Cannabis Oil

Buy Bubba Kush Cannabis Oil 58.84% THC and .48% CBD Bubba Kush is an almost pure Indica strain that has

Crown Royal Cannabis Oil

Crown Royal Cannabis Oil 93.65% THC and <0.1% CBD is Good for  Arthritis, chronic pain, depression, anxiety,migraines , muscle spasms,Gastrointestinal Disorder,Nausea ,PTSD.


Canna FECO OIL – drops are small and so dosage is dependent on the client needs using during night. The method used is RSO type extraction method where 2-4 strains used which vary from season to season. Can be consumed orally (rub a quarter rice grain size on back of gums), or made into suppositories with empty capsules. It is high in THC and standard CBD levels, start using it only at night in order to test your tolerance levels. Generally only used at night. This product is used internally but can be used on a specific skin area too and works for most common dreaded diseases, particularly in Cancer.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an unrefined, potent cannabis oil extracted using ethanol and named after

Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil

Buy Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil online| Cannabis Oil for sale |Buy weed online THC concentration between 70-95% depending on the

Tahoe OG oil

Tahoe OG oil Strain Tahoe OG was originally created by a Ganja Guru who lived in Lake Tahoe, California in the

THC distillate oil

THC Distillate Oil | Distilate  oil for cancer The process not only creates a very pure cannabis extraction but also leaves out

THC Honey Oil

Buy THC Honey Oil which is made from flowers grown in beautiful British Columbia! High in THC level, it is most effective where immediate absorption is needed by smoking and also help for pain , MS, panic attacks