Importance of marijuana

Importance of marijuana

Numerous scientific studies have determined that marijuana can have a number of beneficial medical effects. Marijuana is widely viewed by the scientific community as having a wide range of medical benefits that extend well beyond its traditional medical uses as a stimulant for improving mental acuity and shortening the duration of pain. Marijuana has also been found to be a powerful substance to fight infections and is a drug that has been known to kill cancer cells and reduce inflammation. With new marijuana-based products and compounds being discovered daily, it is likely that marijuana will be an integral part of the treatment of many diseases in the near future.

Chemicals in marijuana

The chemical compounds that make up marijuana are called cannabinoids. The most famous cannabinoid is called THC. THC is the active chemical in marijuana that gives marijuana its mind-altering, psychoactive effect. Marijuana contains at least 60 known cannabinoids, each with specific pharmacological properties. Some of these cannabinoids are the active ingredients in marijuana, while others are derivatives of these, but still, carry all the same medical effects. For example, cannabidiol (CBD) is a major constituent of marijuana that is thought to have antipsychotic properties. There are also a number of synthetic cannabinoids, a group of pharmaceuticals that share the same chemical structure as natural cannabinoids, that may offer some of the same benefits of natural marijuana.

Medical Research Conclusions

The use of marijuana and the research it has generated in the medical community has been extensive. Research shows that, while marijuana has some potential medical uses, its usefulness and potential for abuse make it a drug with high potential for harm. The most widely known medical effects of marijuana have research relating to the treatment of nausea, appetite stimulation, sleep, and pain. Marijuana can be used to enhance these effects by the patient in terms of dosage and marijuana can be ingested in the form of foods, liquids, and cigarettes, as well as smoked in the form of marijuana cigarettes.

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